Contact Person
Satish Ballal
( Director )

The Arbeit Liefernapproach to Facility Management combines all the customer’s services into anintegrated solution. By bundling services we are able to reduce overheads andallocate resources more efficiently.

For example, combiningsite-based services with periodical off-site deliveries for optimizingefficiency e.g. energy management or ad-hoc services such as event-catering,planned maintenance or security installations. The synergy comes from ourability to integrate services and optimise delivery systems.

The ability to integrateand self-deliver services is the key to providing cost-effective workflows andhigh-quality service. For the customer, this creates cost efficiency within theorganisation and complies with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) according to thecustomer’s demands. The Arbeit Lifern approach to FM is through an integratedmodel where services are delivered through a seamless integration of people,processes and systems.

For internationalcontracts, we combine this with our cross-border management structure to allowservice optimisation and bench marking. Partnering with Arbeit Liefern meansconsolidating subcontractors to a single point of contact with one serviceprovider for all services rendered.