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Security Services

Security Services

Arbeit Liefern India Pvt Ltd, Pune is an eminent service provider of Security Services.
Detailed Description

Arbeit Liefern ventured into the Indian market in the year 2017. In 2018, Arbiet Liefern India acquired (Security and Detective Bureau) Limited (est. 1971) and started its security services in India under the name of Arbiet Liefern India Pvt. Ltd.

As an integral part of the Arbiet Liefern group, Arbeit Liefern Security Services has accorded the highest priority to the protection of life, property and operations of its extensive clientele. Currently, Arbeit Liefern is the largest player in the Indian security market. With us, you’ll be assured of foremost security services dead by a powerful, efficient team of committed & experienced professionals. We believe that protection of your folks, property, brand and assets is always important. Arbeit Liefern specializes in securing and ensuring the safety of everything that is important to your organization. Armed by our workers, expertise, technologies and advanced processes we deliver security services that are of the highest standards and are benchmarked by global standards.

Enhanced security with the power of technology

We ar at the forefront once it involves providing manned guarding service. We guarantee your security by delivering the subsequent services:

•           Mobile security solutions

•           Technology solutions - alarms, access control and surveillance cameras

•           Physical security - fences, turnstiles and gates.

How we keep you secure

Our specialist security services will:

•           Protect your assets and customize solutions as per your needs

•           Improve cost-effectiveness by delivering improvements and innovations throughout the life of the contract

•           Minimize and mitigate the risks to your organization

•           Enhance business continuity

•           Ensure you comply with statutory regulations.

At Arbeit Liefern Security Services, we believe in becoming strategic partners to all our clients by conducting business with transparency, flexibility, innovation & empowerment. With Arbiet Liefern, you can be assured of:

Process Standardization: Standardized business operative procedures wherever the SOPs are finalized once intense analysis.

100% Compliance: We are accountable & responsible. Arbiet Liefern ensures 100% compliance to the laws & regulations of the country.

Asset Protection: Arbiet Liefern assures you of 100% asset & brand protection. We are progressive, scalable & adopt innovative technology-based solutions to ensure total protection.

Operational Excellence: With this initiative, we tend to ar operating towards seamlessly group action operations initiation, data management, performance excellence & continuous improvement.

Service with a Human Touch: Our motto, at Arbiet Liefern Security Services, is to provide ‘Service with a Human Touch’. Hence we survey, analyze & understand your business in order to identify specific potential business risks thereby enabling us to offer workable long-term & customized security solutions

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